Diversity To Inclusion

We all have differences in the workplace, be it employees or clients, and we are all aware how diversity (gender, generation, ethnicity, etc.) can drive business. However, to attract, retain and develop our clients and employees we must reach further to create Inclusion.


Inclusion is looking at diversity that embraces/understands and shines a light upon the differences and the strengths each group brings to the table. This understanding creates an environment where respect, involvement, connections and perspectives are harnessed to create a stronger business value for both our employees and clients.


Often the slightest shift brings the largest rewards.


Lauran Star, Organizational Diversity Psychology expert, is a leading speaker and trainer on inclusion. Her focus is on generational, gender and ethnicity differences that drive your organization and clients to thrive.

Lauran Star offers a variety of Speaking, Training and Consulting/Coaching programs as well as content/article publication and co-branding in the following areas focused on Generational Inclusion and Leadership:


  • Generational Development – Comprehensive understanding of how each generation communicates, motivates and works together in fostering the growth of the organization. Development includes communication and conflict management.

  • Leadership Development – Leadership is not one-size-fits-all, therefore, programs are customized to focus on your diversity and needs. Development includes communication, transformational leadership training, and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Client Retention/Business Development – Understand the next generation of clients, their needs, what motivates them and how to keep them, and create lasting solid business platforms.

  • Generational Attraction and Retention – How to attract and keep great employees regardless of their generation comes down to understanding what drives them.

  • Inclusion Beyond Diversity – Team-building where groups go beyond what their biases are, and begin to work as cohesive units driving organizational growth at every level.

  • DiSC & Emotional Intelligence Training Programs.

Lauran’s Popular Inclusion Programs

Show Me The Talent! Attracting & Retaining

Your  Right Talent

Diversity is Not Enough... Inclusion


Are You Ready?

Leadership Inclusion

Leadership Diversity is more than attracting a diversified workforce to lead your organization, it is empowering those you hire to lead effectively through inclusion.

Leadership Diversity Includes:

  • Authenticity

  • Negotiation

  • Communication

  • Team-Building

  • Accountability

  • Shifting Perspectives

  • Motivational Factors

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