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Known for her highly energetic and authentic presentation style, Lauran Star gives your audience the power they need to pivot forward.

From a full 60-90 minute keynote to a 15 minute flash point session with master classes offered during your program, Lauran Star carefully customizes every program with your needs in mind, driving retention and performance. Lauran’s programs are based on proven techniques and real-world applications.


Some of her influential clients include: Johnson & Johnson, Bentley College, Bryant University Women’s Summit, Women of Energy Summit, New Hampshire Women’s Conference, The Massachusetts and Georgia Hospital Associations.

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Lauran Star, the leading Diversity and Inclusion psychology expert, works closely with leadership and human resource management to help businesses thrive. A best-selling author and leading consultant, Lauran delivers customized, edge-of-your-seat keynotes and workshops that offer tangible answers and compel immediate action.


While Lauran has over two decades of leadership development experience with Fortune 100 and other top companies, she is a true original, performing on Broadway, serving as a medic in the United States Armed Forces, and is in the process of writing her Dissertation for a PhD in Organizational Psychology, with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion.


With Lauran, no two presentations are ever the same. She deftly weaves information specific to her audiences into her talks and effortlessly engages an entire room. Whether a small group around a conference table, or an audience of 5,000 in an imposing auditorium, her unscripted, thought-provoking speeches are authentic, humorous, and stress practical solutions rather than placing blame.


Lauran attributes her success to her brutal but compassionate honesty. She dives in where other presenters tread lightly, yet is insightful, warm, and approachable. Lauran consistently engages audiences where it matters to them, and leaves participants with both the inspiration, and the tools, to act.


Also, a university professor, Lauran is particularly drawn to understanding and playing to each generation’s strengths and guiding others in powerfully navigating this ever-evolving diversity of talent. She is known for uncovering blind spots to achieve optimal performance. Companies who work with Lauran find that they dramatically enhance employee performance and retention.


Lauran’s influence in the media is far-reaching. She has been featured on CBS Radio, published in Forbes Women, Huffington Post, Talent Management, Society of Human Resource Management, and other trade magazines. She is the author of several books including the best-selling Your Power Pivot: Shifting the Paradigm of Work/Life Empowerment, and the forthcoming Pivotal Workforce: Moving from Diversity to Inclusion.


When Lauran is not speaking, writing, or consulting, you can find her on the girls’ soccer or lacrosse field coaching and empowering the next generation of young women.

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Lauran’s Popular Women’s Empowerment Programs

Redefining Your Glass Ceiling

She’s Not Just a Pretty Face:

Creating the Female Bridge

Having Your Cake

and Eating It TOO

It's Time To Pivot!


Sitting in seat 4049 was like sitting in the first seat – Lauran Star is dynamic, witty and attention-grabbing with her stories and tips. Every one of the 4050 member audience left enlightened and empowered today. I have a better understanding of both my leadership strengths as well as the those of the next generation. We will create the Leadership for the Future.

California Leadership Summit

It is all about connections – and Lauran Star connects with her audience like no other! Going beyond the platform, she engages with her audience before and after providing motivation and inspiration. If you want a keynote speaker who is rakish and puts herself out there for the audience to grab on to – Lauran Star is it. 

Johnson & Johnson

…yet with Lauran Star… Buckle up!  She goes beyond keynotes as she truly understood what our audience faced every day, and then had out-of-the-box solutions they could apply right now. Lauran Star gives to your audience like no other – She was present with our audience weeks before the conference and remained well after the conference ended. Lauran Star Empowers and cares! 

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