If we open the salary view as to who is getting paid what, companies will have to place a price tag on talent and skills that are immeasurable. Those skills include negotiation, communication, empathy, emotional intelligence, personal power, influence...

Women in the business world often hear the term "glass ceiling," and while this is not a new phrase, redefining the glass ceiling is...

Balancing, or some would say, juggling, our personal and professional lives can be challenging. When you throw in our culture of being connected to work 24/7 via smart phones, things get even more difficult...

Leadership today demands that we understand each other's differences first. In order for us to be understood, we must understand those around us...

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Women’s Empowerment
Diversity to Inclusion


Sitting in seat 4049 was like sitting in the first seat – Lauran Star is dynamic, witty and attention-grabbing with her stories and tips. Every one of the 4050 member audience left enlightened and empowered today. I have a better understanding of both my leadership strengths as well as the those of the next generation. We will create the Leadership for the Future.

California Leadership Summit

It is all about connections – and Lauran Star connects with her audience like no other! Going beyond the platform, she engages with her audience before and after providing motivation and inspiration. If you want a keynote speaker who is rakish and puts herself out there for the audience to grab on to – Lauran Star is it. 

Johnson & Johnson

…yet with Lauran Star… Buckle up!  She goes beyond keynotes as she truly understood what our audience faced every day, and then had out-of-the-box solutions they could apply right now. Lauran Star gives to your audience like no other – She was present with our audience weeks before the conference and remained well after the conference ended. Lauran Star Empowers and cares! 

Women’s Energy Summit

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California’s Women’s

Leadership Summit

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