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Diversity to Inclusion

Pivotal Generation Going from Diversity to Workplace Inclusion

Organizations are struggling with the greatest diversity issue they have ever faced and the lack of understanding how this dynamic effects them. The overall end result is costing the company its great resources. However, if we shift from diversity to inclusion – we can all work and thrive together in the workplace.


This dynamic program examines each generation; what make them great, where they struggle and how to effectively engage. The result focuses on workplace inclusion. Your audience will come away with a better understanding of what makes each generation tick and how to better coach/mentor, communicate and foster lasting relationships. The organization will see improved job satisfaction and performance.



  • Recognize the difference between coaching and mentoring and which generation desires either

  • Create tools focused on communications – shrinking the divide

  • Discover the strength every generation brings to the workplace and inclusively create stronger teams

Attracting and Retaining Women in the Workplace



Leader-shift -Moving toward Inclusion

Leadership is a choice, and not for the faint at heart. It is demanding work yet the rewards are un-measurable. It is your sweet spot, if it gives you goose bump. We all have a natural affinity towards a leadership style be it Transformational or Transactional. Great leaders are authentic and true to themselves first. They hold themselves accountable before all others. They act with integrity and trust. Inspiration of greatness can then only follow.


This engaging program grabs your audience from the start and will have them digging in deep, learning from each other and getting the job done. Lauran will have your audience understanding their own authentic leadership style as well as how to develop additional strengths. Depending on your needs Lauran can focus on cultural backgrounds, generational and gender differences. Providing the tools thriving top organizations have learned to blend their team creating diversity not just in the workplace but also in the market place.



  • Learn the difference between transactional and transformation leadership

  • Uncover your leadership niche and why its important

  • Identify their authentic leadership style

  • Find gaps in your leadership strengths and uncover how to develop those gaps

  • And more…


Leadership is not management – it is empowering others to reach new heights, motivate, shift idea’s - for the greater good of the company or oneself.

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