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Lauran Star, Leading Authority on Diversity and Inclusion, Leadership and Women's Empowerment
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Lauran Star is... Diversity To Inclusion

We all have differences in the workplace, be it employees or clients, and we are all aware how diversity (gender, generation, ethnicity, etc.) can drive business. However, to attract, retain and develop our clients and employees we must reach further to create Inclusion.


Inclusion is looking at diversity that embraces/understands and shines a light upon the differences and the strengths each group brings to the table. This understanding creates an environment where respect, involvement, connections and perspectives are harnessed to create a stronger business value for both our employees and clients.


Often the slightest shift brings the largest rewards.


Lauran Star, Organizational Diversity Psychology expert, is a leading speaker and trainer on inclusion. Her focus is on generational, gender and ethnicity differences that drive your organization and clients to thrive.

Lauran’s Popular Inclusion Programs

Show Me The Talent! Attracting & Retaining

Your  Right Talent

Pivotal Inclusion

Creating Excellence in Organizational Culture

Diversity Training

Stopping the Blame Game

Generation IZ

Shifting to Bridge  Generations

Lauran Star is... Women’s Empowerment

It Is Time To PIVOT

Studies demonstrate the vast majority of women find themselves unfulfilled and underpowered in either the workplace or home life.

If a woman is empowered at home, she brings that to the workplace in the form of personal power, influence, communication, leadership, adaptability, and so much more.


Furthermore, in today’s market, your organization’s leaders need Leadership Emotional Intelligence Proficiency (LEIP) to succeed. By 2025, women will hold 50% of the leadership positions. As women’s economic power and place in the C-suite advances, they need the support and training to articulate and stimulate enthusiasm for a clear and compelling vision.


It comes down to taking the reins of your own life, leaving the junk from your past behind and moving forward!

Lauran’s Popular Women’s Empowerment Programs

Redefining Your Glass Ceiling

She’s Not Just a Pretty Face:

Creating the Female Bridge

Having Your Cake

and Eating It TOO

It's Time To Pivot!

Empowering Audiences to Get Up and Take Action NOW


Creating programs like no other. From a full 60-90 minute keynote to a 15 minute flash point session with master classes offered during your program, Lauran Star carefully crafts her message with your audience in mind, moving them into action.

If You are Looking for a Speaker who is…


The minute you connect with Lauran Star she becomes an asset. Her approach is a true partnership with the meeting planner and attending bureaus to ensure your event goes off without issue.

Humorous and Passionate

Lauran Star’s passion runs deep, and her audience benefits. She takes difficult topics and makes them palatable while showing both her human and vulnerable side. She empowers her audience to step into their strengths to stop just surviving, and start thriving.


Complimentary program reinforcements are available for all presentations. In-depth reinforcement is also available à la carte. Your audience will leave each event knowing Lauran Star is in their corner with the tools they need to continue growing.

Look no More...


Lauran Star begins engaging with your audience before the program is created. When possible, she will attend your entire event so deeper connections are made.


Lauran Star has over 10 years keynote and workshop experience, plus her past Broadway involvement. Lauran delivers. Speaking is more than an art form, it’s her forte. Not to worry, no matter what Murphy’s Law has intended for the conference, Lauran has a plan.


Lauran Star is a thought-leader and expert in her field. She is an Author, Consultant and International Speaker focused on her content. If your need is outside her expertise, she will let you know and connect you with someone who excels in that particular area.

Lauran Star – Best Selling Author and Featured in...

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Sitting in seat 4049 was like sitting in the first seat – Lauran Star is dynamic, witty and attention-grabbing with her stories and tips. Every one of the 4050 member audience left enlightened and empowered today. I have a better understanding of both my leadership strengths as well as the those of the next generation. We will create the Leadership for the Future.

California Leadership Summit

It is all about connections – and Lauran Star connects with her audience like no other! Going beyond the platform, she engages with her audience before and after providing motivation and inspiration. If you want a keynote speaker who is rakish and puts herself out there for the audience to grab on to – Lauran Star is it. 

Johnson & Johnson

…yet with Lauran Star… Buckle up!  She goes beyond keynotes as she truly understood what our audience faced every day, and then had out-of-the-box solutions they could apply right now. Lauran Star gives to your audience like no other – She was present with our audience weeks before the conference and remained well after the conference ended. Lauran Star Empowers and cares! 

Women’s Energy Summit

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California’s Women’s

Leadership Summit

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